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So I love granite.  Not that I have ever had it, but I have seen it on television and in a few people’s homes.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person that I love as far as color goes.  Picking a color that does not clash with the floors, cabinets, and backsplashes in kitchens doesn’t seem to be something people are very good at.  Still, it’s beautiful.

I also like butcher block and glass countertops.  I had never even heard of glass countertops until watching some design show on TV.  It was dark- nearly black and opaque.  Not shiny at all and very pretty.  Soap stone is also nice and so are the acid washed concrete countertops although I would worry about the weight of them.

So I recently looked at a house that had formica and would you believe that those countertops were beautiful?   An ogee edge with rolled formica that looked like granite.  Oh my gosh!  I was so surprised to see how nice it looked.  The ones I saw did have the side seam, but I have looked at their web site and saw that it is possible to do a rolled edge all the way around so there is no seam at all.  Think of it- durable, beautiful counters at a fraction of the price of granite.   Some may turn up their noses, because it’s not real granite, but the color options and durability, price, and ease of maintenance may make it more appealing to some.  Just a thought.


2 thoughts on “Countertops

  1. curt says:

    I spend a year looking at counter tops – and I too couldn’t find one that worked for what I had in mind. I ended up with quartzite – the natural stone, not the man-made quartz. It looks a lot like marble but is as hard as granite. It will be another year before they are fabricated – but I have the slabs. I think many materials will work well – it all depends on the the environment. Nice post.

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